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“The Ice Lake” Model I22M by Lehigh Fishing Company


Product Description

Type: spinning

Length: 2’2”

Action: medium

Power: medium

Line: 4-10 lb. test

Taper: medium

Weight: 1.8 oz.

Fore grip: 2” EVA Foam

Rear grip: 3” EVA Foam

Finish: blue tinted clear coat

This rod is designed for larger fish, but is still sensitive enough for the little ones. The stiff blank produces minimal lag, which means any slight movement in your hand will be transferred to whatever you have on the end of the line. It is constructed using stainless steel, single foot guides with wear-resistant zirconia rings and a lightweight graphite reel seat that lets you feel everything that happens to your line. EVA foam grips make them comfortable and attractive.

Lehigh Fishing Company

Fish smarter, not harder. Feel the slightest hit. Get a good feel of the fish you are fighting. You’d be hard pressed to find a smoother and easier casting rod. Over 2 years of dedication went into the development of our new and innovative rod blanks. Using the latest in carbon fiber technology developed for the F-22 and Boeing 787 with a revolutionary resin system, we have developed lightweight rods that are very smooth, easy to cast and have super sensitivity and feel. A cutting-edge rod blank deserves only the best components like stainless steel guides with wear-resistant rings, anodized aluminum reel seats with rosewood inserts, recoil guides and grade AA and super grade cork. The list goes on and on. Quite possibly the closest thing to a custom build in a production rod. 100% American Made. Our rod blanks are hand made in our facility in White Haven, Pennsylvania and finished with high quality components from REC Components and the American Tackle Co. Unconditional 20-year warranty. All rods are covered for breakage or damage for 20 years. Tournament proven –Winner 2013 Avalon Fishing Club Annual Tournament largest striper using rod model S70H2. –Winner 2013 Lake Jean Ice Fishing Derby using rod model I22L. –Winner 2011 Avalon Fishing Club Annual Tournament largest fish using rod model S70H2. –Winner 2011 Greater Avalon (N.J.) Tournament largest black drum using rod model S70H2.

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