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ynkum shakin shad

Shakin Shad Bladed Swimbait Head by Yank-um Custom Tackle



Product Description

Designed and made by Yank-Um Custom Tackle, these heavy duty bladed swimbait heads really put a thump in the water. The heavy weight (3/4 or 1 oz) allows you to put a big soft plastic lure in front of a fish when they’re holding deep while the blade slows the retrieve down allowing that lure to stay in the strike zone longer than most deeper presentations.

Yankum Tackle

At Yank-Um Tackle every jig is handcrafted in Tennessee by a few chosen and talented tiers that include Yank-Um owner Wally Kilpatrick. Whether rubber or silicone, Yank-Um uses the best materials to give your jig a living, breathing, swimming appearance. All jigs are of the football head design, have strong weed guards, and the new “super hook” that is as sharp as any you will ever use. The 6/0 hook is well hidden within numerous strands of rubber and silicon and is ideal for attaching plastic trailers. Yank-um Jigs will catch all sizes of bass, but if you are searching for a big fish when the jig bite is happening, then Yank-Um Jigs should be a part of your daily fishing arsenal.

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