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“Release ME” Magnetic Trailer Brake Release Key


Product Description

The “Release Me” key helps you when your trying to back your trailer up a steep grade or  maneuvering your trailer into a tight spot, with or without a vehicle. 

Bass Boat Trailers have Surge Brakes and when you have electrical or Solenoid problems the brakes won’t release when backing up at times.  When you try to use the factory key that comes with the trailer it just keeps falling out or you have to use electrical tape to hold it on.  Trying to have someone hold the key in place is just not safe while the vehicle is in motion.

With “Release Me” these problems are over. No nasty tape or having to try and ask someone to hold the factory key from falling out.  Back up  on any grade, maneuver into any spot, without locking up  your trailer brakes. This key is heavy-duty made of solid steel, paintedgreen for visibility and comes with heavy-dutygreen coated cable for easy removal and a strong connection to the trailer.  When not in use it just attaches to the side of the trailer tongue and it’s ready at a moments notice. 

It’s a MUST HAVE – A fantastic tool and it WORKS.   Get yours today.

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