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Super Sampler

JB’s Fish Sauce Super Sampler – FREE SHIPPING!

$17.98 $14.99

5 Chapstick Style Solid State Fish Attractant – Anise, Baitfish, Coffee, Crawfish, and Coffee

5 Liquid Style – Anise, Baitfish, Coffee, Crawfish, and Coffee

Product Description

Here’s a great opportunity to see for yourself what all the hype is about!!!! At a fraction of the cost of other brands!

Custom made and poured to guarantee the highest quality and concentration of real fish oils to mask human odors and induce a feeding response!

Guaranteed to increase your catch rates!

Mess Free, Super Efficient, Long Lasting

JB's Fish Sauce Fish Attractant

What makes JB’s Fish Sauce different from the rest? We combine the perfect amount of scent with the perfect amount of crude fish oils. This enables you, the fisherman/woman to accomplish 3 things: 1. Mask any potentially repulsive odors on our hands, baits, and even fishing line using scents known to be acceptable to fish – garlic, anise, baitfish, crawfish, and coffee. 2. Helps to induce a feeding response by using real crude fish oils that contain the omegas and aminos that scientists are indicating trigger feeding responses. 3. Helps to make fish hold onto the bait longer, allowing the time necessary to make a good hook set. Introducing a fish attractant second to none. It has been proven to increase bites on numerous game fish species and in all conditions, including ice fishing. Whether you’re a tournament angler looking to get an edge on the competition, a fun fisherman looking for bragging rights over your partner, or looking to fill the freezer, JB’s Fish Sauce will help accomplish your goals on the water. Just apply a little bit on your bait and throw it out there. Works great to mask human odors on your  hands as well. It has great sticking powers so you don’t have to be constantly applying it. Rub a few dabs on your soft plastic, jig, crankbait, spinnerbait, or even on live bait. The perfectly formulated and strong scents will draw fish in and help induce a feeding response.

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