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4″ Attacker Frog by Bass Attacker


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Product Description

Attacker Frog is infused with BASS FUEL and comes in a pack of 5.

Bass Attacker

Bass Attacker was created six years ago when I finally got tired of visiting the lake to fish and returning home empty handed. I decided one evening that I was going to attack the task to bait a fish, and that I did! It took several years of trial and error, but, after much hard work and nights of mixing different formulas to test, I developed my "BASS FUEL." How did I know it worked? Well, I would go fish with my buddies and would be the only one to catch a fish each and every time to their dismay. I never told them that I was using a plastic lure that I infused with a scent that I had hand poured. A few years ago when I was fishing in a tournament with my brother and my uncle, I realized that I had a noteworthy product. While we were sight fishing, I saw fish pass other men's bait only to come and destroy mine-attack mine!! The most awesome characteristic of my bait is that when it’s attacked and ripped, the scent permeates through the water to attract even more fish; thus, an even larger catch! After much encouragement from my family, I decided to market my scent so that others could reel in the big fish. Nevertheless, Bass Attacker was created, and the BASS FUEL was born. We offer plastic bait infused with BASS FUEL, and also have bass fuel in a pen applicator form to apply to hard bait.

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